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The Morgan Story

At the tender age of two, Morgan Dean Hebberd, a New Zealand native, was diagnosed with Leukemia. He was the only boy of three siblings. Over the course of 6 years, Morgan was in and out of remission. He was always happy and caring. During the last six months of Morgan’s life, his dad took time off work to care for him. Morgan left his parents at the age of eight.


Morgan's father (Gary) and our founder (Channon) are very good friends.  One day in 2014, Gary shared with Channon that before his son passed away, he wished he had a tool to build things faster so he could spend more time with his son. 

Channon, being a banker by trade for 20+ years and not having any background in carpentry, building or construction asked Gary to tell her more about this concept. After various discussions about this concept between Gary and Channon, Channon took steps to bring the measurement tool to life. After discovering the concept was in fact new – no patents, In 2018, Channon founded Kiwi Vision LLC. Patents were filed and granted. 


Development of the measuring tool were secured in Silicon Valley. The concept, now an actual measurement product, needed a name. Launching in October 2019, meet the flagship product of Kiwi Vision, the Morgan Square.

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