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The Morgan Story

At the tender age of two, Morgan Dean Hebberd, a New Zealand native, was diagnosed with Leukemia. He was the only boy of three siblings. Over the course of 6 years, Morgan was in and out of remission. He was always happy and caring. Gary Hebberd, Morgan’s dad, built a push bike with a third wheel with a plywood sheet for Morgan to lie underneath a plastic cover. They called it Morgan’s Mobile Bed. Gary used to ride that bike with Morgan laying looking up. After long rides returning through their gateway, Morgan would cry; so, father and son would start their journey again. During the last six months of Morgan’s life, his dad took time off work to care for him. Morgan left his parents at the age of eight. To honor Morgan’s short life, in 1999 his father envisioned a measurement tool; however, it remained just a concept until …


Around 2008, Gary was in Las Vegas for a funeral and randomly met Channon. After a quick and wonderful discussion, they became long distance friends; Gary in New Zealand and Channon in the U.S.


In 2014, Channon’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer; and then in 2016 with Dementia. During a casual conversation, Gary and Channon once again discussed the measurement tool. Gary generously gifted Channon with the concept intending the possible sale proceeds to help care for Channon’s Mom. After discovering the concept was in fact new – no patents – Channon took ownership taking steps to bring the measurement tool to life. 


In 2018, Channon founded Kiwi Vision LLC. Patents were filed and granted.  Development of the measuring tool and its exclusive manufacture were secured in Silicon Valley. The concept, now an actual measurement product, needed a name. Launching in October 2019, meet the flagship product of Kiwi Vision, the Morgan Square.

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