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As the CEO of Kiwi Vision, Channon is responsible for running all facets of the day-to-day business. Channon has a proven executive management track record, and over 25 years of experience in Business Implementation in the financial industry.



Simon is the President and CEO of multiple startups. He is a prolific inventor and diversified industries entrepreneur. He has been in the technology industry for over 25 years. 

V.P. of Operations


As V.P. of Operations, Armando’s focus is managing and supporting the sales, marketing, and engineering team. Armando utilizes his role in sales & marketing to provide a direct link between those using our products and the team that improves and creates them.



In 2018, Channon founded Kiwi Vision LLC. She patented the tool and partnered with a manufacturing company in the Silicon Valley to kick start development of the measurement tool. Launching in October 2019, meet the flagship product of Kiwi Vision, the Morgan Square

Creating Solutions One Vision at a Time

Once upon a time, in New Zealand, Morgan Dean Hebberd faced a daunting battle with leukemia at the tender age of two. Despite his illness, Morgan's spirit remained bright, his kindness touching the hearts of all who knew him. With two sisters by his side, Morgan fought through remission and relapse over six years, his family's love unwavering throughout.

In his final months, Morgan's father, Gary, made the courageous decision to prioritize caring for his son, stepping away from work to cherish every moment together. It was during this time that Gary confided in his close friend Channon, expressing a poignant wish: for a tool that could help him build things faster, allowing him more precious time with Morgan.

Though Channon's expertise lay in banking, not carpentry, Gary's idea sparked a fire within her. Through heartfelt conversations and determination, Channon embarked on a journey to bring Gary's concept to life. Recognizing its novelty, she founded Kiwi Vision LLC in 2018, securing patents and enlisting Silicon Valley's expertise to develop the innovative measuring tool.

As the product took shape, it needed a name worthy of its purpose. And so, in October 2019, the Morgan Square was born, a testament to a father's love, a son's legacy, and the enduring bond between friends.


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