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  • Can I keep my favorite Tape Measure?
    The Morgan Square is engineered to work with most widely available tape measures.
  • How much time will I save when using The Morgan Square?
    By utilizing The Morgan Square to combine the measuring and marking steps into one fluid motion you will save up to 25% or more of the time spent on these processes.
  • Does the Morgan Square only save time measuring and marking?
    No, by combining these steps, The Morgan Square will prove to be more accurate. Better accuracy means less errors, reducing the time spent on correcting these errors.
  • Will the Morgan Square reduce wasted materials?
    Yes, with increased accuracy during layout you can achieve more efficiency with material usage. In addition to the increased efficiency, less error correction will likely result in less material waste.
  • What is the “CL” mark?
    CL denotes the centerline. It located ¾” from each side of the Morgan Squares ruler, which is 1-1/2” wide. This will aid you in locating wall studs using the “on center” dimension. This will also assist in many project layout scenarios.
  • What is that mark between the Kiwi Vision logo and the ruler?
    This mark is located 1-1/2 inches from the inside edge of the tongue. This is helpful for locating the King, trimmer, and cripple studs at wall openings. It is also very handy for many other situations during layout of projects large and small.
  • Does Kiwi Vision offer a holder for The Morgan Square?
    Not yet, but we will soon. Please contact us at @The Morgan Square if you are interested in one.
  • Where can I buy the Morgan Square?
    The Morgan Square is available on, and
  • Will Kiwi Vision have the Morgan Square at any trade shows?
    The Morgan Square will exhibit at the 2024 International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta.
  • Why didn’t I think of this?
    While we have no answer to this, We bet you are glad we thought of it!


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